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There are numerous reasons one may perform a Abilene criminal record check. Maybe you’re considering a partnership and want to ensure they have a history of violence or fraud, or you’re considering a contractor and want to verify they have no drug-related offenses. Examining someone’s criminal record is essential when considering any association regarding important things in life.

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Taylor County Criminal Records

Abilene TX Local Criminal Record Agencies

Abilene Police Department
4565 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605
Phone: (325) 673-8331
Public Records
Warrant List

District Court – (Felony, Juvenile)
300 Oak St, #400 Abilene, TX 79602
Web Search
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Court (Misdemeanor)
300 Oak St, #100 Abilene, TX 79602
Web Search
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
301 Oak St, Ste 611 Abilene, TX 79602
Web Search
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Taylor County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO)
450 Pecan St, Abilene, TX 79602
Phone: (325) 674-1301
Jail / Inmate Records
Warrant List
Sex Offender Registry Search

Abilene Municipal Court
4575 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605
Phone: (325) 676-6333

Abilene Court Records

Numerous jurisdictions provide online databases that enable the search and viewing of court records. Thus, if you’ve been charged or convicted, your Abilene criminal history is accessible to anybody searching these databases.

Abilene Police Records

Police records are another source of in-depth information about an individual’s past criminal activities in Abilene TX, including arrests and charges. However, these records are not always available online and may require a request through the Freedom of Information Act.

Arrest Reports

Arrest records can provide insights into somebody’s prior interactions with Abilene police. While they are public records in many jurisdictions, it’s vital to understand that an arrest doesn’t equate to a conviction. It suggests that the police had reason to believe the individual might have committed a crime.

Inmate Profiles

Prison and jail inmate records in Abilene TX provide details about someone’s incarceration history, including convictions and sentencing. These records, usually public, can be accessed through numerous online databases offered by jails, state prisons, and federal prisons.

Criminal Records Designation:


Infractions, different from misdemeanors or felonies, normally result in fines. While some states classify offenses like traffic violations as infractions, terminologies can differ by jurisdiction. For instance, what one area might call an infraction, another might label as a “civil offense.” The distinction typically depends on the seriousness of the act.


Misdemeanors in Abilene TX, less extreme than felonies, encompass offenses like trespassing, simple assault, and petty theft. The repercussions for such criminal offenses normally involve much shorter jail sentences or fines.

Abilene Felony Records

It’s essential to differentiate between an arrest and a conviction when considering felony charges in Abilene TX. An arrest record shows that somebody was apprehended on suspicion of criminal activity, not that they have been found guilty. A conviction, on the other hand, confirms that the court believed the person was guilty.

Abilene Sexual Offender Registry

To determine if someone is a registered Abilene sex offender, you can consult the National Sex Offender Registry maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition, individual states have their sex offender registries offered to the general public. For localized information, you can connect to local police departments or sheriff’s offices.

Abilene Dui/Dwi Arrests

While a criminal background check normally highlights a Abilene DUI arrest, it might not be the major red flag unless someone specifically considers such offenses.

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