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The government keeps Allen inmate records as public records. Inmate records include information such as fingerprints, mugshots, and the criminal history of inmates. Law enforcement agencies often use this information to conduct background checks and investigate crimes. The public can also access inmate records, but some states have restricted access to them.

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Collin County TX

Allen Resources.

Allen Police Department (APD Inmate Search)
205 W McDermott Dr, Allen, TX 75013
Phone: (214) 509-4200
Jail Information

District Court – Criminal (Felony)
2100 Bloomdale Rd., Suite 12132 McKinney, TX 75071
Website 2
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Civil Court (Misdemeanor)
2100 Bloomdale Rd Ste 2106 McKinney, TX 75071
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
2300 Bloomdale Rd, Ste 1164 McKinney, TX 75071
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Allen Inmate Search Online

Online Allen inmate search is the best place for you to find inmate records. You can search the internet for inmate information on the website of the Department of Corrections or on a nationwide database. You can also contact the prison directly to inquire about an inmate.

Texas Prison VS Allen Jail

The federal and state governments run the prisons. They are used to keep the inmates convicted for serious crimes and sentenced to a year or more. Meanwhile, jails are managed by the county or local government and are used to hold people arrested for misdemeanors or people who are awaiting trial.

Texas Prison Inmate Search

There are several options for finding an inmate inside a state prison. First, contact the prison directly to ask for information. This will require you to provide certain personal information, such as your name and relationship to the inmate. You can also search online on the prison website.

Allen Jail Inmate Search

If you’re looking for an inmate in Allen jail, the best place to start is the county sheriff’s office. You can usually find their contact information on the county website. Once you have the sheriff’s office number, call them and ask if they can help locate the inmate you’re looking for. You may also want to try searching online databases as another source of information.

Allen Mugshots

Allen mugshots may be used in several ways. You can use it to identify someone, investigate a crime, or report a crime.

Allen Jail Log

The internet is the best place to search for people in Allen jail logs. Jail logs can usually be found on the website of the local police department or sheriff. In certain cases, you may also be able to obtain it using a public records request.

Allen Jail Roster

A Allen jail roster is an inventory of the current jail inmates. The roster includes the individual’s name, booking photo, inmate ID number, cell address, and charges.

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