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A Texas background check is an inquiry that is conducted to discover information regarding an individual’s history. Depending on what the background check is done for both personal and professional information is pulled up. To adequately conduct a background check, the individual situation needs to be taken into account to ensure that the check focuses on records and areas particular to the background check’s need.

Texas Statewide Official Background Check Tools.

iDocket.com (Contains case information from an ever-increasing number of trial courts)
Web – https://idocket.com/countycourt.htm

County Clerk Records Search
Web – https://www.texasfile.com/search/texas/

TxDPS Crime Records Service (Public Website DPS Computerized Criminal History System (CCH))
Web – https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DpsWebsite/index.aspx

Title Lookup
Web – http://www.titlex.com/

Property Search
Web – https://www.texaslandrecords.com/txlr/TxlrApp/index.jsp

Prison Offender Information Search (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
Web – https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/start.action

Public Sex Offender Registry Search
Web – https://publicsite.dps.texas.gov/SexOffenderRegistry/Search

Texas County Level Official Background Check Tools.

Harris County Background Check Tools
Search Civil and Criminal Court Records and Documents Online.
Web – https://www.hcdistrictclerk.com/eDocs/Public/Search.aspx
Address Information Lookup – http://www2.harriscountytx.gov/itc/gis/ais/DisplayGISData.aspx
Birth and Death Records – https://www.cclerk.hctx.net/applications/websearch/VS.aspx
Online Public District & County Criminal Records Inquiry – https://www.harriscountyso.org/JailInfo/HCSO_FindSomeoneInJail.aspx
Tax Statement Search and Payments – https://www.hctax.net/Property/PropertyTax
HCAD Parcel Viewer – https://arcweb.hcad.org/parcelviewer/

Dallas County Background Check Tools
Court Case Search – https://courtsportal.dallascounty.org/DALLASPROD
Dallas County Felony and Misdemeanor Courts Case Information – https://www.dallascounty.org/criminalBackgroundSearch/captcha
Dallas County Jail Lookup System – https://www.dallascounty.org/jaillookup/search.jsp
DCAD Property Map – https://maps.dcad.org/prd/dpm/

Tarrant County Background Check Tools
Court Records – https://odyssey.tarrantcounty.com/PublicAccess/default.aspx
County Courts – Class “C” Browse – https://cctraffic.tarrantcounty.com/
Real Property Document Search – https://tcrecordsonline.com/
Tax Deed Card Search – https://taxdeed.tarrantcounty.com/
Inmate Search – https://inmatesearch.tarrantcounty.com/
Marriage Document Access – https://ccrecordse.tarrantcounty.com/Marriage/SearchEntry.aspx
Tarrant County Public Viewer – https://gisit.tarrantcounty.com/publicmapviewer/

Bexar County Background Check Tools
County Clerk & District Clerk court records search – https://search.bexar.org/
Land Records – https://bexar.tx.publicsearch.us/
Arrests – https://centralmagistrate.bexar.org/
DWI/Family Violence Fugitive Search – https://fugitivesearch.bexar.org/

Travis County Background Check Tools
Online Court Case Information – https://www.traviscountytx.gov/district-clerk/online-case-information
County Clerk Web Search (Assumed Names, Marriage Misc Docs, Real Estate) – http://www.tccsearch.org/
Inmate Search – https://www.tcsheriff.org/sips#/sip
Outstanding Warrants – https://www.tcsheriff.org/wow#/wows
Map Search – http://propaccess.traviscad.org/mapSearch/

Just How Long Will The Texas Background Check Analysis Take?

If it is a standard Texas background check, the results frequently are obtained instantly or within the first couple of days after it is submitted. Various other kinds of background checks may involve more time to have results. The type of background check done will usually determine the turnaround time. When the background check is looking into criminal records at the county level, it may take anywhere from several minutes to a more prolonged time frame when documents are not digitized.

How Would You Conduct A Texas State Background Check?

A wide range of county and Texas state-level resources can be accessed to administer a background check. Getting in touch with the state’s law enforcement office is the place to start. There are also private companies that conduct background checks.

Should You Be Worried About What Turns Up On Your Texas Background Check.

Whenever a background check in done on someone, the searcher typically wants to reveal as much information as possible, like places of current and past residence, criminal records, driving records, financial records, court records, etc in Texas.

For example, a background check focusing on criminal records can access local city and county, state, and federal government databases. These reports might show arrest warrants, convictions, jail or prison records, misdemeanors, felonies, DWI, arrests, and sex offenses.

Solutions To Background Check Someone.

It is possible to do a background check in Texas on another person. You will need a full name and, at times, some other personal information to investigate and identify the correct records. Doing a background search on an individual for your reasons and without their authorization okay based on the public records act in most states. When it comes to employment and tenants, there are specific rules which need to be followed.

As an example, a property manager can do a background check on a potential occupant. A business can similarly screen possible employment candidates before deciding whether to work with them. Texas state and federal statues should be used as guidelines for these procedures.

Perform A Extensive Background Check On Yourself In Texas.

Yes, you can conduct a background check on yourself. There are many justifications as to why do one. One of them is to make sure that the data about you is accurate. Knowing whats on the report will also help articulated a better explanation if asked about it.

People can ask for their criminal record via the Texas state police or law enforcement agency division in your local area.

What Would It Cost To Perform A Texas State Background Check.

The price of internet-based background checks usually depends on the number of searches done over a certain period and the type of inquiries. Many providers offer a one-time search, and some will offer a number of searches per month on an ongoing basis.

Texas Criminal Background Checks For Anyone.

In today’s day and age, much of the Texas public records information like arrest records and prison records are available online. Assuming that you know the state or county where an occurrence happened or the person in question lives or lived. You are able to search for records using local resources.

How One Can Get An FBI Criminal Background Report.

You can request an FBI background check if need be in Texas. An FBI background offers details about an individual’s criminal history using a nationwide database.  This report is sometimes referred to as a rap sheet.

Texas Fingerprint Based Criminal Convictions Record Trace.

This specific type of background check uses fingerprints to look up criminal records. It matches up an individual’s fingerprints versus the Texas state or federal fingerprint database. Fingerprints are one-of-a-kind. So, in theory, these records should be accurate. Keep in mind this report only looks at criminal records.

Examining National Vs Texas State Vs County Record Checks.

A county background check will research criminal records that have been reported in the specific county. A Texas state-level background check will conduct the same function, although at a Texas state level. A nationwide database check provides the most comprehensive accounting of an individual’s background, considering that it can search through countrywide records.