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In order to get a warrant in El Paso TX, the police or another government agency must first fill out an application and hand it over to a court. The application has to include evidence that there is reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed and that the person arrested or property that is going to be searched is related to an offense.

If the judge finds that there is probable cause, he will sign the warrant, which will give the police the authority to search for and seize any evidence that is linked to the crime, as well as the authority to arrest a person who is thought to be associated to a crime.

Options For A El Paso Warrant Search.

El Paso Police Department (EPPD Warrant Search)
911 N Raynor St, El Paso, TX 79903
Phone: (915) 212-4000

Crime Stoppers of El Paso
Most Wanted Suspects

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
3850 Justice St, El Paso, TX 79938
Phone: (915) 538-2292

Crime Stoppers of El Paso
Most Wanted Suspects

District Court – Criminal (Felony, Juvenile)
500 E San Antonio, Rm 103 El Paso, TX 79901
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Civil Court (Misdemeanor)
500 E San Antonio St, Rm 105 El Paso, TX 79901
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
424 Executive Ctr, #100 El Paso, TX 79902
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Locating Warrants in El Paso Online

Performing a El Paso warrant search can be done in a few different ways. You can search the websites of individual sheriffs and police departments, or you can use a database of public court records that is accessible online.
If you identify a database, you will be asked for the name and birth date of the person you are attempting to locate in order to access the information contained inside it.

The Public May Access Court Records

You can find out if an arrest warrant is currently active by contacting the El Paso court, where you may also examine the record of an older warrant.
You can ask the court if there is an outstanding warrant for an arrest or request information about the case by doing a database check at the courthouse or online.

El Paso Sheriff's Office Wanted Persons List

Another common method of learning whether or not an arrest warrant has been issued for you or someone else is to get in touch with the local El Paso police or sheriffs.
You may contact them through their website or by calling them on the phone. Be prepared to offer identifying information like the entire name and the day of birth, for example.
Either the police will check criminal history to see if there are any outstanding arrest warrants, or they will direct you to a public list where you may look for yourself to see if there are any warrants.

El Paso Bench Warrants

A El Paso judge or the court can issue a warrant for someone’s arrest, known as a bench warrant. This kind of warrant is typically issued when a defendant does to show up to a court date that was previously set for them or when they breach the conditions of their probation.
A El Paso bench warrant is an order issued by a judge that gives law enforcement the authority to apprehend a suspect and bring them before the court.

El Paso Arrest Warrants

The El Paso police can request a warrant for a suspect’s arrest if they have gathered enough evidence to show that a crime has been committed and that the suspect in question is responsible for the offense. They have the authority to arrest the suspect and keep them detained due to this warrant.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

When an individual flees the crime area to avoid being apprehended or punished, a fugitive warrant will be issued against that person.
The warrant gives the authorities permission to apprehend the suspect and transport them to the location in which they are wanted for questioning or prosecution.

Search Warrant

The first possible scenario for a search warrant to get granted is where El Paso law enforcement officials have reasonable grounds to believe that a crime has been perpetrated and have to search for evidence to back up their suspicions.
Also, if the authorities need to enter a house or other building in order to make an arrest.
Last but not least, if the police have reason to believe that there is a danger to the general public, they may search for firearms and other objects that might be harmful.

Free Warrant Searches in El Paso

Anyone with access to the internet can do a search of a El Paso public record database at no cost. However, there are a few things to take into consideration here.
To begin, warrants are considered public records; yet, they are not always easy to get.
Second, even if you locate a warrant for someone’s arrest, that does not always entail that they are responsible for the crime in question. Several circumstances can lead to the issuance of a warrant, including the failure to appear in court or pay a fee.
If you want to search public records for warrants that don’t cost you anything, the easiest place to start is on the courthouse website and the sheriff’s office in the county where you live or if you know the county where the warrant was issued.

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