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A Galveston County inmate’s record is information that identifies a person who was arrested and held in jail or prison. The inmate’s name, birth date, crime committed, sentence, and other pertinent details are included in the records. The law enforcement agency that made an arrest and the correctional facility where the inmate was held usually keep records of inmates.

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Galveston County Resources.

Galveston County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO Inmate Search)
601 54th St, Galveston, TX 77551
Phone: (409) 766-2300
Inmate Inquiry
Corrections Division

District Court – (Felony, Juvenile)
600 59th St, #4001 Galveston, TX 77551
Website 2
Website 3
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
600 59th St, Ste 2001 Galveston, TX 77551
Website 2
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
1922 Sealy Ave Galveston, TX 77550
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Galveston County TX Jail
5700 Ball St, Galveston, TX 77551-4137

Galveston County Juvenile Justice Department
6101 Attwater Ave, Texas City, TX 77590
(409) 770-5900

Carole S. Young – Medical Facility
5509 Attwater Ave, Dickinson, TX 77539

Hospital Galveston Medical Facility
809 Harborside Dr, Galveston, TX 77555

Galveston County Inmate Search Online

The internet can be an excellent resource for doing a Galveston County inmate search. A simple search can often locate an inmate’s record, including their name, booking information, and release date. If you know the name of the facility where the inmate is being held, you can typically find their records on the facility’s website. You can also search for inmate records on government websites or private databases.

Texas Prison VS Galveston County Jail

State prisons can be much larger than county jails. They are designed to house serious offenders. On the other hand, county jails tend to hold inmates who are still awaiting trial or have been convicted for minor offenses. Due to this, county jails tend to be safer than state prisons.

Texas Prison Inmate Search

To locate a prison inmate, you must know where they are being held. This information can be obtained by contacting the county judge where the inmate was sentenced. Once you know the name and address, you can call the prison directly to get information about the individual. Most likely, the prison will require that you fill out a questionnaire and may charge a fee. Once you have filled out the form, the prison will send you information about the inmate and their location.

Galveston County Jail Inmate Search

You can do a few things if you need to find an inmate in Galveston County jail. You can try searching the county website or calling the county sheriff’s office. You can also hire a private investigator, but they may charge a fee.

Galveston County Mugshots

Public records are generally considered to include mugshots of inmates. This means the public can access them. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, mugshots are not publicized if they are part of ongoing investigations or contain sensitive information.

Galveston County Jail Log

There are several ways you can get a copy of Galveston County jail logs. To request a copy, contact the sheriff of the county in which an inmate was arrested. Another option is to visit the county website to search for public documents.

Galveston County Jail Roster

The Galveston County jail roster’s primary purpose is to ensure that the facility has custody and control of all inmates. Staff can monitor inmates’ activities and movements using the roster. The roster can also help staff verify inmate release status and ensure they return to the correct facility.

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