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A court warrant in Lubbock TX is a written order issued by a judicial official, such as a judge, instructing law enforcement personnel to carry out a specific course of action.
Warrants are most commonly used to conduct searches and arrests. The person who requests a warrant is known as the petitioner. The person who filed the petition must provide the court with sworn declarations that explain the reasoning behind the belief that a crime has been committed and that evidence of the violation will be found at the site that will be searched.
A Lubbock court issues a warrant once it has been determined that there is probable cause to suspect that a crime has been committed and that evidence will be found. The warrant gives law enforcement the authority to conduct a search or make an arrest following the warrant’s terms.

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Lubbock County Warrant Search

Options For A Lubbock Warrant Search.

Lubbock Police Department (LPD Warrant Search)
916 Texas Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401
Phone: (806) 775-2865

Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office
712 Broadway St, Lubbock, TX 79401
Phone: (806) 775-1400

District Court – (Felony, Juvenile)
904 Broadway #105 Lubbock, TX 79401
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Court (Misdemeanor)
904 Broadway, Rm 207 Lubbock, TX 79401
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
904 Broadway, Ste 110 Lubbock, TX 79401
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Locating Warrants in Lubbock Online

There are a few different ways to locate active warrants using the internet when doing a Lubbock warrant search. You can look for arrest warrants by name on a government’s official website, which is one of your options.
Another option for a warrant search is to use a paid website to distribute information nationally. These organizations keep their databases of criminal information current by performing regular updates.

The Public May Access Court Records

Get in touch with the county clerk in the area where you believe the warrant was issued. You will either be able to find the information in a database that the courts or the clerk keep or will be able to advise you if there is an active warrant.

Lubbock Sheriff's Office Wanted Persons List

If you are looking for information regarding outstanding Lubbock warrants, a routine place to start is with the regional sheriff or police department. These agencies maintain a database of warrant information.

Lubbock Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is an order issued by a judge that directs law enforcement to bring a specific individual before the court. When a person fails to appear for a planned hearing or refuses to comply with a court order, the judge will frequently issue a Lubbock bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

Lubbock Arrest Warrants

For the Lubbock police to get a warrant to arrest a suspect, they need to have reasonable grounds to think that a crime has been committed and that the person in question is the person who committed the offense.
The existence of probable cause can be established by the testimony of eyewitnesses, recordings made on video or audio devices, physical evidence, or confessions.
After the issuance of a Lubbock arrest warrant, the person who is the subject of the warrant may be caught and taken before a judge to make the final determination regarding whether or not they will be charged with a crime.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

When a criminal suspect attempts to flee the jurisdiction to escape being prosecuted, a fugitive warrant is issued for the person’s arrest.
This is done to transport the individual back to the area where they are suspected of committing a crime.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is an order issued by a judge that gives Lubbock law enforcement the authority to search a particular location for evidence of a crime. In most cases, the authorities need a search warrant to go through someone’s home or business.
In addition, they can be used to search things like digital gadgets, autos, and other places where evidence may be hidden.

Free Warrant Searches in Lubbock

The general public can legally search using Lubbock public records at no cost. It is of the utmost importance to know that the information in a public record is subject to certain constraints.
For instance, while the vast majority of warrants are considered public documents, the court may decide to keep some under seal and make them inaccessible to the general public.
Calling the county court clerk or sheriff in the county where the warrant was obtained, or checking their website to see if they give a free list online, are also good options for searching.

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