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Criminal records in Pasadena TX serve several purposes. They can be used to vet somebody you’re considering dating, dealing with, or just curious about someone living close by.
Different websites provide access to these records, with some providing the service free of charge and others charging a fee.

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Local Criminal Guides For:
Harris County Criminal Records

Pasadena TX Local Criminal Record Agencies

Pasadena Police Department (PPD)
1201 Davis St, Pasadena, TX 77506
Phone: (713) 477-1221
Public Records

District Court – Criminal (Felony)
1301 Franklin, Ste 100 Houston, TX 77002
Web Search
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Criminal Court (Misdemeanor)
1201 Franklin Houston, TX 77002
Web Search
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
7300 N Shepherd, Rm 138 Houston, TX 77091
Web Search
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Harris County Texas Sheriff’s Office
1200 Baker St, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713) 221-6000
Inmates In Jail
Misdemeanor Warrant Search
Most Wanted
Criminal Records Inquiry
Sex Offenders

Pasadena Municipal Court
1114 Davis St, Pasadena, TX 77506
Phone: (713) 475-5562
Search Cases

Pasadena Court Records

Criminal court records originate when someone is charged or convicted for an offense in Pasadena TX. These records accompany an individual for life in most cases. Court databases are the most direct way to search court records.

Pasadena Police Records

To acquire copies of Pasadena police records, it’s best to work with the originating agency directly. Most agencies have standardized procedures for public record requests, guiding you through the required paperwork for submission.

Arrest Reports

One approach to finding arrest records is sorting through public records provided by the local Pasadena sheriff. However, remembering that not all public records might be digitally available is worth recognizing.

Inmate Profiles

The Texas Department of Corrections (DOC) releases details important for public safety, which is accessible for criminal checks in Pasadena TX. One can approach the DOC via phone, e-mail, or their online portal to get inmate records.

Criminal Records Designation:


Pasadena infractions are classified as either traffic-related or non-traffic. While traffic infractions refer to vehicular operation, non-traffic infractions include littering or trespassing. Both can incur penalties. However, just traffic infractions can lead to points on a driver’s license.


Criminal records will likewise include misdemeanors, crimes deemed less severe than felonies but still criminal. Acts like shoplifting, disorderly conduct, and simple assault fall under this classification. Convictions in Pasadena might result in penalties like probation, community service, fines, or perhaps jail time.

Pasadena Felony Records

For Pasadena felony record retrieval, initiating a search within the local court system is recommended. Online databases also facilitate felony record searches nationwide. Another technique is to inquire with local police departments about local felony events.

Pasadena Sexual Offender Registry

A Pasadena sex offender registry includes the offender’s name, aliases, date of birth, address, criminal history, and physical description. Some registries may extend further, detailing the offender’s job location, automobile information, and others.

Pasadena Dui/Dwi Arrests

Normally, Pasadena DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) are categorized as misdemeanors. However, they can intensify felonies when injury or death occurs due to the DUI.

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