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A search warrant in Randall County TX or arrest order is a legal document allowing law enforcement to conduct a search or make an arrest of an individual.

A court warrant is written by a prosecutor or law enforcement agent. Criminal investigations often require warrants to gather evidence or transport an individual to jail for formal charging or judicial review.

Options For A Randall County Warrant Search.

Randall County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO Warrant Search)
9100 S Georgia St, Amarillo, TX 79118
Phone: (806) 468-5800

Amarillo Police Department
200 SE 3rd Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone: (806) 378-3038
Warrant List

District Court – (Felony)
2309 Russell Long Blvd, #110 Canyon, TX 79015
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Court (Misdemeanor)
2309 Russell Long Blvd, Ste 101 Canyon, TX 79015
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
501 16th St, Ste 307 Canyon, TX 79015
On-Site Lookup – Yes

Canyon Police Department
301 16th Street Canyon, TX 79015
Phone: 806-655-5005

Locating Warrants in Randall County Online

Conducting a Randall County warrant search can be done in a variety of ways. Going to the police station and asking for help is one possibility. You can expect them to either be able to locate you through a search or to provide a list on their website.
To find records all around the country, you may also use a national database, which may charge a fee but returns results quickly.

The Public May Access Court Records

You can do a warrant search to see if an arrest warrant exists in the Randall County court system that issued the warrant.
You’ll need to know which court to work with because they each keep their own records.
You must provide your name and other identifying information to access legal documents.

Randall County Sheriff's Office Wanted Persons List

The easiest place to start in determining if there are any active Randall County warrants in a certain area is with the local police department.
It’s best to get in touch with the relevant police directly to find out what to do, as each department has its unique process for requesting warrant records.

Randall County Bench Warrants

Initiated by a judge from the bench, an arrest warrant can be served immediately. A Randall County bench warrant, in contrast to a police officer’s arrest warrant, can be issued for whatever reason the judge thinks fits.
Most bench warrants are issued for contempt of court, which means the defendant either did not show up for their court date, did not pay their fine, or disobeyed the judge’s order.

Randall County Arrest Warrants

It’s possible to get a Randall County arrest warrant with many different types of proof. Evidence might come from surveillance footage, DNA, or even a confession from the culprit.
Someone who witnessed the crime and can identify the suspect can help authorities secure an arrest warrant.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

In the United States, a fugitive warrant is issued when an individual tries to flee the jurisdiction where a crime was committed. After a person has been charged with a crime in a state court, the state court may issue this type of warrant, which allows law enforcement in another jurisdiction to arrest the suspect and bring them back for trial.

Search Warrant

In the United States, citizens have legal protection from warrantless searches and seizures thanks to the Fourth Amendment.
The Randall County police need a search warrant to search a person’s home, place of business, or other property. A warrant can be issued only when there is probable cause that a crime has been committed and that evidence of the crime will be found at the location being searched.

Free Warrant Searches in Randall County

The simplest way to do a free Randall County warrant search is to contact the court clerk in the county where you believe the order was issued.
Many types of public data may be used in a warrant search, but not all are free; in certain circumstances, even official government documents require payment.

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