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Travis County TX Local Criminal Record Agencies

District Court – Criminal (Felony)
501 W. 11th St. Rm 2.300 Austin, TX 78701
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Web Search 2
On-Site Lookup – Yes

County Criminal Court (Misdemeanor)
1000 Guadalupe, Rm 222 Austin, TX 78701
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On-Site Lookup – Yes

Justice of Peace (Misdemeanor Class C, Infractions, Traffic)
4717 Heflin Ln, #107 Austin, TX 78721
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On-Site Lookup – Yes

Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Ordinance, Traffic)
6800 Burleson Rd, Bldg 310, Ste 175 Austin, TX 78744
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On-Site Lookup – Yes

Travis County Sheriff’s Office
5555 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751
Phone: (512) 854-9770
Find An Inmate
Warrant Search
Sex Offender Registry Search

City of Austin Police Department
715 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 974-5000
Police Records
Warrant List

Travis County Court Records

Court records are a dependable resource to establish somebody’s Travis County criminal history. They offer insights into an individual’s past convictions or charges. These files can be browsed utilizing names, case numbers, or other relevant details.

Travis County Police Records

Accessing police records is straightforward in Travis County TX. Start by reaching out to the appropriate sheriff or police department. Be prepared to provide identification or other necessary details for the records you seek.

Arrest Reports

While there isn’t a “secret” method to probe arrest records, there are strategies to boost the efficiency of your search in Travis County TX. Being specific and comprehensive in your search criteria enhances your odds of success. Furthermore, diversifying your search through numerous online and offline platforms increases your possibilities (such as different counties).

Inmate Profiles

Inmate records shed light on an individual’s Travis County felony convictions and imprisonment status. Generally, these records are readily available to the public via the state DOC and the law enforcement running the local jail.

Criminal Records Designation:


Infractions in Travis County TX, or minor violations, lead to penalties such as fines. Examples include littering, speeding, and public intoxication. Though considered lower offenses than felonies or misdemeanors, they can still have repercussions. For instance, too many speeding tickets can elevate insurance premiums and even result in license suspension.


The definition of a misdemeanor can change throughout states but is typically viewed as a mid-level criminal offense. Examples in Travis County TX include shoplifting, public intoxication, DUI, trespassing, disorderly conduct, and simple assault.

Travis County Felony Records

There are numerous avenues to access Travis County felony records. One technique is to search the court system of the respective county where the felony occurred, either by liaising with the clerk of courts or exploring their online public database. Alternatively, private establishments provide background checks that consist of such information.

Travis County Sexual Offender Registry

To protect your family and be notified about local Travis County sex offenders, numerous resources are available. Your local sheriff’s or police department is a starting point. Furthermore, the nationwide sex offender registry maintains a detailed list of registered sex lawbreakers. This registry’s search by name, address, or city yields information on sex offenders.

Travis County Dui/Dwi Arrests

The category of a DUI offense – whether as a misdemeanor or a felony – depends upon the severity and the jurisdiction in which it occurred. While a Travis County misdemeanor DUI typically results in fines, probation, or community service, a felony DUI is related to sterner repercussions: jail time, license suspension, or ignition interlock gadget required.

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