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An arrest warrant in Texas is an affidavit demonstrating plausible cause that a criminal act was committed by the person named in the paperwork. A judge will need to sign the affidavit for the arrest warrant to become legal after reviewing the evidence presented to them. The arrest warrant will allow the police to actively go after the accused in extreme cases or take a less active role and, in most cases, arrest the person during a traffic stop.

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Texas Bench Warrant Search.

A bench warrant in Texas comes from the court. It’s a type of warrant that’s frequently issued anytime a person fails to make an appearance in court. After a bench warrant is issued, it’s handled just like an arrest warrant in Texas. Anytime a police officer looks someone up during a traffic stop or some other reason, the warrant will pop up in the system allowing the officer to make an arrest and bring the person to jail.

Check If There's An Active Arrest Warrant In Texas.

There are numerous strategies to lookup active warrants in Texas, both online and off:

  • Try the county court of clerks record database and/or the local sheriff department website might have a list online in Texas for searching warrants. In larger, more populous counties, there is a higher chance this information is available online. Smaller less populated counties might not have the resources or a real need to have internet-based tools but instead will work over the phone.
  • Call a federal court in your area if you believe there is a federal warrant.
  • Bail bondsman in Texas normally have admission to county listings that includes specifics of active arrest warrants.
  • Connect with law enforcement station to confirm for active arrest warrants. If you prefer, ask a friend or loved one to phone call instead of you.
  • An attorney can access most data bank inside the law enforcement system. Hire a legal professional at your own expense, and you’re sure to find the information you need.

Do I Have A Warrant In Texas and What To Do.

If you determined that you have a warrant out, it is critical that you not make an effort to make a run for it. Primary transit hubs will have already been notified to prevent you from leaving the country; thus it best not to even try it.

  • Withstand the urge to make an appearance at a police station or sheriff’s department and give yourself up (Have a game plan).
  • The warrant in Texas is not going to disappear, so it is best not to ignore it. Bear in mind that there is no expiration period for an arrest warrant.
  • Do not overreact. Having a Texas arrest warrant does not necessarily indicate you are going to be hauled off to jail. It could be likely that you need to pay a penalty or reschedule a court date.
  • Moreover, a Texas attorney at law may find that it is not required for you to surrender and get you a speedy arraignment, which will help decrease just how long you would spend in jail. In short, a legal professional knows how to go about the legal situation you have.